According to Merriam Webster dictionary (http://www.merriam-webster.com/cgi-bin/netdict?Religion) religion is defined as the service and worship of God or the supernatural.  My question is, who dictates how God (or the supernatural) sgould be served and worshipped?

Man.  Man has created religion.  Man has united and divided people with religion.  People will argue and say that God has created religion.  I strongly object to that.  If you were to ask a thousand people about their religions, a thousand people would state that their religion is the correct religion, that all others are deceived.  They are right and everyone else who is a non-believer is wrong.  Wars have been fought because of religious indifferences.  In America we are a bit more tolerant to different religious views.  However, in the East things are a bit more grim.  How many tens of thousands of people have been killed in the name of God?  In the name of religion?  I am pretty sure that God would not condone these actions.  God has never spoken to anyone and said, this is the correct religion.  Follow this religion and you will be saved.  However people will fight, and die, in the name of their religion.

As a child I went to church at least twice a week.  I have to admit that I did not want to go most of the time.  As I grew older I stopped going to church altogether.  My eyes were opened to the world from which I was shielded from.  I made a decision that religion was created by man, that God does not have a favorite or chosen religion.  However the teachings that I learned as a child are still with me.  Some of the beliefs still pop up in my head from time to time.

It’s hard to fathom that someone sat down one day and said, “This is the way we will worship God.  He wants to be worshiped this way.”  They would then make a list of rules and regulations of things you should and should not do.  They would loosely base them on the ten commandments.  They were make up stories of people long ago who followed these same made up principles and make them martyrs.  They would setup a system for donations and contributions for the running of their “church”.  They would denounce all other religions as being misled.  Then they would wrap up the whole package by saying that God said that it’s supposed to be this way.  This is what we call religion.  Yet if someone does the exact same thing today, they are called a cult, which sounds so derogatory to me.

I personally believe that religion is not needed.  What is needed is faith.  I’ll go so far as to say perhaps there is no God.  Perhaps it’s the faith in God that is the factor.  I’m a strong believer that if you think hard enough in something it will manifest itself.  Someone could be wishing he felt better from his serious illness.  Through his thoughts and strong belief he is suddenly healed.  A miracle of God?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps it could have been his faith.  The mind is very powerful you know.  So powerful that we cannot fathom it’s full potential.  I have read many books dealing with the power of positive thoughts, the power of the mind.  Maybe there is no God.  Maybe we are the miracle makers.  Maybe we are God.

I cannot explain why things have happened.  How we were created so perfect.  How the vast universe came to be.  How everything has a purpose and so…perfect.  It could not have come into being by itself.  Someone, or something had to make these things.  There has to be a higher power then.  There has to be something so grand that it can create universes and things that are so perfect.  I cannot explain these things at all.  I just know that they are there for our enjoyment and pleasure.

My advice is to follow your heart and worship whoever you worship the way you want to.  Not the way someone tells you to.  Don’t follow the doctrines that someone created long ago.  Don’t follow the herd.  We don’t need religion, religion needs us.  What we need is faith.